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St Giles Cathedral.

"The cathedral of St. Giles, huge, sombre, and irregular, was rebuilt externally, 1830, by Burn. It was a cell of Dunfermline Abbey till James III., 1466-1483, made it a collegiate church. The old church was burned, 1384, by the Duke of Gloucester. The Cathedral consists of a nave with double aisles, a transept, built 1390-1413, which was the most ancient portion, a choir with five chapels, built 1387, on the south side, and four, built 1437-1451, on the north. The rest is of the period of James VI., and the arms of the benefactors are carved upon the pillars." Extract from "Cathedrals of the United Kingdom" (Open Library)

St Giles' Cathedral,
Scotland EH1 1RE

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