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Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Thomas Hardy (Open Library)

"It is Stonehenge said Clare. The heathen temple, you mean? Yes. Older than the centuries; older than the d'Urbervilles. Well, what shall we do, darling? We may find shelter further on. But Tess, really tired by this time, flung herself upon an oblong slab that lay close at hand, and was sheltered from the wind by a pillar. Owing to the action of the sun during the preceding day, the stone was warm and dry, in comforting contrast to the rough and chill grass around, which had damped her skirts and shoes I don't want to go any further, Angel, she said stretching out her hand for his. Can't we bide here? I fear not. This spot is visible for miles by day, although it does not seem so now".

Some of the best ancient sites......

England: Stonehenge
England: Avebury
England: Long Meg and her daughters
Scotland: Ring of Brodgar
Wales: Pentre Ifan burial chamber

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