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The Greater Abbeys of England: Open Library

"Abbeys of England, ruined, dismantled, and time-worn, are fitting memorials of a great past. From any point of view, and whatever our opinion about the utility or purpose of monastic life in general and about English monastic life in particular, we are constrained to confess that the monks of old, who built up these "Cliffs of Walls" and ornamented them with all the wealth of carving, panelling, and moulding still to be traced amid the moss-grown ruins, have left, scattered over the whole face of their country, monuments of their great work and stone records of their existence in the land from the earliest period of our national history."

Britain's abbeys are either privately owned or are under the ownership of English Heritage, the National Trust, Cadw, or Historic Scotland. These latter organizations provide free entry to members.

Some of the best abbeys......

England: Westminster Abbey
England: Fountains Abbey
England: Bath Abbey
Scotland: Melrose Abbey
Wales: Tintern Abbey

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