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Bath Abbey.

"The chief interest of Bath Abbey, as we see it to-day, is that the whole of the building is of so late a date that we may regard it as the last complete ecclesiastical building erected before the dissolution of the monasteries. Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster, which, though attached to the abbey, may in a certain sense be considered complete in itself, is its only contemporary rival. Nothing of importance in Gothic art was done in England after the Reformation; and as Bath Abbey Church was not actually finished, though it was nearing completion, when it was surrendered to Henry VIII. in 1539, we may consider it the last expression of Gothic, and, comparing it with the work of preceding centuries, we shall come to the conclusion that Gothic, even had there been no Reformation to put an end to church building, was rapidly approaching the hour of its death." Extract from "The Abbey churches of Bath and Malmesbury" (Open Library).

Bath Abbey,
Somerset BA1 1LT

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