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The Decorative Arts, Their Relation To Modern Life And Progress: William Morris (1877)

"Well, at any rate, London is good for this, that it is well off for museums, - which I heartily wish were to be got at seven days in the week instead of six; and certainly any of us who may have any natural turn for art must get more help from frequenting them than one can well say. It is true, however, that people need some preliminary instruction before they can get all the good possible to be got from the prodigious treasures of art possessed by the country in that form: there also one sees things in a piece-meal way: nor can I deny that there is something melancholy about a museum, such a tale of violence, destruction, and carelessness, as its treasured scraps tell us."

Some of the best museums and art galleries......

England: British Museum
England: National Gallery
England: National Railway Museum
Scotland: National Gallery
Wales: Big Pit National Coal Museum

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