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Hampton Court Palace.

"Originally a preceptory of the Knights Hospitallers, Hampton Court has been, since its purchase by Cardinal Wolsey in 1514, a " home of English history." Probably designed by Wolsey himself. A royal palace since 1530. The birthplace of Elizabeth and Edward VI. The scene of innumerable festivities and conferences (including that which produced the " Authorised Version " of the Bible) in Tudor, Stuart, and later times. Greatly injured in the Civil War, and repaired by Charles II. In the reign of William and Mary more than half of the original Tudor building was demolished, and the existing great structure, designed by Wren, took its place." Extract from "The royal palaces, historic castles and stately homes of Great Britain" (Open Library)

The Historic Royal Palaces are owned by The Queen on behalf of the nation and run by an independent charity of the same name.

Hampton Court Palace,
Surrey KT8 9AU

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