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The Tower of London.

"The Tower of London. This great fortress, palace, and prison, unique among the castles of England, dates from the time of William the Conqueror. The site occupied a position upon the river Thames immediately to the east of Roman London; the latter was surrounded by massive walls with mural towers which had subsequently been repaired by Alfred the Great. A portion of this walling undoubtedly furnished part of the western defence of the Norman citadel, inasmuch as remains have been found adjacent to the present Wakefield Tower. The wall thus adapted extended between two bastions, and possibly the first enclosure was merely stockaded. It was, however, necessary to erect a more substantial fortress in order to overawe as well as protect London, and in 1078, William entrusted Gundulf, the architect - bishop of Rochester, with the commission. The great Keeps at Rochester and West Mailing were also designed by him, and possibly he had much to do with those at Norwich, Colchester, and other places in England." Extract from "British Castles" (Open Library)

The Historic Royal Palaces are owned by The Queen on behalf of the nation and run by an independent charity of the same name.

The Tower of London,
London EC3N 4AB

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